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The Nigeria Army, are the ground or better still, the land division of the Nigerian Armed forces. They operate based on order, discipline and hierarchy.

They are the sea branch of the Nigerian Armed forces. Protecting the country’s territorial waters.

Operates on the air but also provide support for both the Army and the Navy.

They are saddled with the responsibility of maintaining law and order in the society. They ensure that the laws of the government are implemented and defaulters arrested and prosecuted. They patrol in cases of burglary or armed robbery attacks.

They are part of the national securities that investigates and ensure that criminal are clamped down. They perform some military duties, mostly during the period of civil unrest and war when they are sent for peace keeping in affected areas. They are also attached as security aids to top government officials, politicians and expatriates.

They are saddled with responsibility of overseeing foreign intelligence and counter intelligence operations

It operates as the country is military intelligence agency, it responsible for providing the necessary means of obtaining military intelligence on behalf of the ministry of defence and the Nigerian Army forces.

also known as the department of state service (DSS) is the primary domestic intelligence agency of Nigeria. Its primary is intelligence gathering within the country and protecting senior government official such as the president and state governors.

has the mandate to maintain peace and order and to safe guide the civil society during period of emergency such as war and terrorism.  They protect lives and property. They checkmate vandalism of facilities owned by government such as power holding company of Nigeria (PHCN) electric wire cables, oil rigs, etc (NSCDC) has such then been given the right to arrest and prosecute members of the society suspected to deal in oil bunkering, vandalism and burglary of government owned property and project (NSCDC) sensitize and educate the civil society on some security measure to be taken in time of war and civil rest.

To tackle anti-smuggling activities within the border of the country. They are in charge of collecting and accounting for Import/ Export duty revenue at the borders.

Their functions are to ensure a regulatory body set aside to control illicit drug in the country. Their duty is to track down the selling and exporting of hard drugs they can be found in place such as the Airport, highways, seaports, borders etc.

Has a sole responsibility to coordinating the migration activity in the country and they offer residence permits foreigners (NIS) is mandated to undertake border surveillance and control and migration management.

To maintain strong correctional principle by keeping in custody for correctional reasons, orderline and reform of the disorderly person or group of the disorderly person or group, convicted or waiting trial.

Saddled with the responsibility of ensuring that the federal roads are safe for motorists. Checkmate the users, and ensure that they adhere to the rules and regulations of the road.

To safeguard live and property from fire hazard and destruction.