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About Us

Centre for Wounded Servicemen and Fallen Heroes Supports Fund (CFWS&FHSF) is a reputable non-governmental organization (NGO), Non- Profit organization (NPO), Non –Partisan Organization (NPO); we are a legal entity, set up to complement the efforts of the armed force and the paramilitaries agency, in tackling insecurity.

We meets the needs of security agencies, who are wounded, suffering from a wide range of conditions, irrespective of race, religion or age and we commiserate, present compensation to wounded officers and next of kin of the service members who paid the supreme price. It is not a payment for injuries sustained or lives lost, but token of appreciation for sacrifices made for peace, protection of lives and properties – we wouldn’t like the contributions of their lives to be in vain.

According to George Orwell, He said “ people sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf”. Crime and security has always been a major concern in virtually all the countries in world. 

Ezekiel Adi

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

A Conventional and unconventional security expert and wounded servicemen and fallen Heroes Analyst. Self-Motivated, creative, adaptable, having eye for details and a clear logical mind with a practical approach to problem solving and drive to see things through completion.

“We honour frontline workers of different fields, who jeopardize their lives to work hard for common good of all, they are Heroes and Heroine who make history and who history make in all walks of life, who fought the seen and unseen enemies of human kinds”

Ezekiel Adi,


(1) Board Chairman:
(2) Military affairs Advisor, (MAA)
(3) Para-military Affairs Advisor, (PAA)
(4) Civic Affairs Advisor, (CAA)
(5) Legal Affairs Advisor, (LAA)
(6) Chief Operating Officer (COO) Officer 



promise you that not one dine of your donation will be wasted”.

If we cann’t all be at the battle field, we can help them, if we cann’t give
our millions, we can give the widow’s mite, the least you do for securing lives
and properties is precious in God’s sight. If we cann’t be at the battle field
as a watchman, through your support, you are offering life and peace to all,
with your prayers and financially support, you are doing what heaven demands.


Let none hear us idly saying, there
is nothing I can do while people are dying, 
rebel are yelling, bloodletting, butchery, killing and massacring

No sacrifice is too great to help
those who promote peace, harmony, love, unity, selfless service to God and
humanity and a great willing to make personal sacrifice for the good of all.


We are honored to help the wounded
servicemen and the families of the fallen Heroes they left behind. We reward
sacrifice and service, who gave up their comfort and their lives in serving
their country in the battlefield, they left their families and friends.

Great joy comes to the heart of givers

Try it today. Help care for our WOUNDED SERVICEMEN, fallen heroes/heroine and their families.


We rely entire on voluntary support
We provide life long support to servicemen with injures, illness and wounds sustained while protecting lives and properties.
We commiserate with wounded and fallen servicemen of the Armed forces and the Para-paramilitaries who paid supreme price, and sacrifices made for peace, protection of lives and properties in our fatherland.
We pays tributes to wounded, fallen Heroes, presenting compensation to wounded officers and the families, of the fallen Heroes of the Armed forces and Paramilitary organizations.
We visit rehabilitation and Hospital centres, where severely injured officers who are recovery, who pay cardinal, superlative and ultimate price for our dear fatherland.
We assist to provide Armed force Para-militaries welfare through direct and indirect interventions and support, help and encourage officers and men of the service.
Our centre help to alleviate suffering, we work to help those who promote peace, harmony, love, unity, selfless, service, sincere commitment, patriotism and great willingness to make personal sacrifice for the good of all.
Our centre assure the members of the Armed force and Para-military agencies who are wounded and the fallen Heroes, next of kin families that they are, not alone in the midst of personal, medical or financial struggles.
Our centre is ever ready to help them make it through the most trying of time and we help our Nations servicemembers in their hour of needs.


Partner with us: National security is very crucial to our National life. The contributions and sacrifice of members of the Armed forces and Para-military organizations are enormous, hence our resolve is to contribute our own quota to assist them in the discharge of their responsibilities.

“The world indeed is in a serious state of insecurity,,

“Terrorism is a global plague that can strike anywhere in the world,,

Crimes in the country has risen beyond human comprehension, crimes is everywhere in Africa countries seems to be at a cross-road security wise. While miscreants, insurgence, criminals roam major streets.

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     ACCOUNT NUMBER:    1023029535

     SORT CODE:                              033083793.